About Us

As the parents of three children, Steve and Julie Smith were concerned about shopping cart germs when they learned about the alarming amount of germs on an average shopping cart. Steve quickly decided to reduce the exposure to germs on their numerous trips to the grocery store with “klean-grips”.

Because they care about your family’s good health too, Steve and Julie decided to share klean-grips with the world. It simply slips over any shopping cart handle to protect parents’ hands and child from exposure to E. coli, Salmonella, Staph, flu virus, bacteria and fecal matter.

Klean-grips is the ONLY handle available with anti-microbial properties right in the handle. The material is soft and comfortable, not only for Mom or Dad to push but also for a child to chew on…let’s face it, whose child hasn’t bent down and put the handle in their mouth!